Things That Can Lead To Kidney Stones And How To Avoid Them?

Things That Can Lead To Kidney Stones And How To Avoid Them?

Having a kidney stone is one of the most painful conditions that you can have. This is because the stone has blocked the drainage of urine from the kidney. If the stone is causing you severe pain, you may need to go to the  to have it removed. The doctor will have to perform a physical exam and check your blood to see if you have an infection. You might have to use intravenous fluids if you do have an infection.

The mineral can lead to kidney stones:

Kidney stones are formed when a mineral, like calcium, oxalate, or magnesium, mixes with other substances. You can prevent the formation of these stones by eating a proper diet. You should drink plenty of water and avoid foods that contain salt. Also, try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. These provide antioxidants and fiber.

Family history:

Some people have a family history of kidney stones. In addition, you can have a higher risk of kidney stones if you have a genetic condition called cystinuria. This disease causes the kidneys to excrete too much amino acid, which can lead to the development of stones.

How to avoid kidney stone 

Limit the amount of animal protein:

You can also reduce the chance of kidney stones by limiting the amount of animal protein you eat. The general recommendation is to eat no more than 12 ounces of protein per day. However, you should discuss the amount of protein you need with your healthcare provider. Plant-based protein sources, such as beans, lentils, and peas, can be found.

Drink more water:

You can also lower your kidney stone risk by drinking more water. You should drink at least three quarts of liquid daily. You should also limit the amount of sugar and alcoholic beverages you consume. It would help if you also replace the fluids you lose through sweating.

Drink citrus fruit juices:

You can also prevent the formation of kidney stones by drinking citrus fruit juices. The citrate found in these fruits can help prevent the development of these stones. In addition, you should also avoid foods that are high in salt and caffeine.

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