Truck Driver Jobs and the Student Driver

There is still talk about the truck driver shortage in our country. The shortage of over the road truck drivers have been an on-going topic for years. Truck driver jobs have become harder to come by in recent months, mainly due to the present state of the economy.  The business practices by many trucking companies have created this factor that has become known as the truck driver shortage.

There are still truck driver jobs available. What continues to keep this driver shortage topic alive, is the problem that so many newcomers and even veteran drivers can often experience: finding the right trucking company. The current economy situation has, without a doubt, placed thousands of experienced truck drivers into the truck driver job search market. With an influx of experienced, professional drivers suddenly searching for a new employer, the ones who have felt the impact of the economy the most, are the student drivers just breaking into the trucking career. Now, with so many experienced drivers available, many trucking companies are not bringing in trainees.  As the economy stabilizes, and it will, this too will pass.

Recently, due to this influx, the talk of a truck driver shortage has subsided. The fact is, there never was, or is, a truck driver shortage.  The problem actually lies with the trucking companies themselves. More precisely, their failure to adjust the pay for OTR drivers. Until trucking companies accept the fact that there is a new wage increase reality in the truck driver market, the turn over rate among truck drivers will continue. Clackmann Weather

Why would someone want to endure the over the road trucking lifestyle for $35,000 per year, when they can make the same from an alternative career?  There are those trucking companies who have taken the lead by increasing driver wages, home time and showing the drivers more of the respect that they deserve. The more experienced drivers have located these companies. You will find that these industry leaders have no problem with a driver shortage. The trucking companies who continue to abuse drivers by low pay, low miles, not getting them home and so forth, are the ones crying “driver shortage.”

Trucking companies having trouble recruiting drivers are normally those who:


  • Have a pay scale below the industry standard
  • Treats their drivers with no respect
  • Operates poorly maintained equipment
  • Has the attitude that drivers are a “dime a dozen”


Logic dictates that if a trucking company actually believes that a truck driver shortage exists, then they would work hard to keep the drivers they have. Thousands of professional truck drivers enjoy the over the road trucking lifestyle. Largely in part, because they have found the best truck driver jobs. There are many excellent trucking companies who have followed the rules of business in order to survive the current state of the economy.  By adapting and restructuring, they have survived 2008, which turned out to be one of the worst years for the trucking industry in recent history.

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