Textile Processing Guide

Make your staff more knowledgeable with no expense

A free DYER’S GUIDE on TEXTILE PROCESSING techniques, right from desizing to finishing and printing, for people in the textile industry. It covers from basic processing to the latest trends in the technology.

The following main topic headings speak about the contents:

1) Bleaching Dyeing and Finishing:
This option contains information about basic processing details of various fibers and blends. Wherever necessary, practical tips and recipes have been included for the benefit of the readers. It’s a very useful section containing dyestuff and dyeing details of reactive dyes, vat dyes and disperse dyes. gester instruments textile testing instruments textile testing equipment manufacturers

2) Articles on Textile Processing:
This option is a resource of articles collected from various sources that would improve the knowledge of the dyer.

3) Textile Testing Methods:
A free resource on various textile testing methods with practical how to do tips. This is very useful for people who wish to set up their own testing facilities in their campus. You can see useful textile calculations as well in this section.

4) Articles on Textile Developments:
You can see different interesting developments in this field of textile processing, dyes and chemicals and effluent treatment. Articles on geo-textiles, technical textiles etc are interesting and thought provoking.

5) Articles on Textile Effluent Treatment:
This is the need of the hour and has been under construction. However you can see a few useful articles on effluent treatment.


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