Importance of Toys for your Cats and Dogs

Cats have a natural instinct to run, jump, claw, and hunt, and having an indoor cat doesn’t eliminate those natural instincts. That’s why cat toys are a vital part of a cat’s socialisation and fitness. Cats can play with almost anything. Some enjoy store-bought toys like catnip balls and feather swishes, while others are happy unrolling a tube of toilet paper and shredding it all over the house. In fact, if you don’t provide your cat with some sort of entertainment, you’ll find that they can easily create their own fun using things around the house. Scratch and Purr

Sometimes this works out, like when you get one of those cute pictures of your cat peeking out from a brown paper bag. Other times, the form of fun they choose involves attacking the furniture and clawing it to shreds before you have a chance to stop it. With all of the toys available at pet shops, you should be able to find at least one or two toys that become your cat’s favourite.

Play Time Is for Cat Owners Too

Entertainment isn’t just for your cat. By playing regularly with your cat, you encourage socialisation but you also get to enjoy their fun antics. Playing also helps your cat bond with you and gives you an opportunity to get to know your cat’s personality. Kittens especially love to play, and kitten toys can distract them from damaging your furniture or trying to escape outside for entertainment.

Since you should enjoy play time as much as your cat, make sure you choose a variety of interactive toys. Provide your cat with toys that roll, squeak, jingle, and dangle. Cats like carrying toys, batting them back and forth, jumping on them to hear them squeak, and wrestling and attacking them like prey.

Mix Cat Food and Toys

The next time you’re out shopping for pet supplies online, remember to pick up a box of smaller cat food bites. These can be treats or your cat’s regular food. Certain toys are designed to be stuffed with treats or small pieces of food. These toys usually roll, and your cat is rewarded when they roll the toy just right and a bit of food pops out. Since cats are naturally curious, this type of toy is great during busy times when you don’t have a chance to interact with your cat or are going to be gone for a few hours and don’t want your cat to get bored. No matter which cat toys you choose, your cat will love the extra attention and time you spend playing together.

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