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The Samsung Galaxy M01 has been one of the most recent handsets released by Samsung. As per many reviews it is one of the best mobile devices available on the market. With its attractive looks and advanced functionality it has definitely added a new dimension to mobile communication. If you are looking for a mobile phone which can be used as both a music player and a camera then the Galaxy M01 is the one for you. There are certain points that you should consider before you buy Samsung Galaxy M01. samsung galaxy m01

The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with an impressive array of features and accessories including a high quality pair of headphones, a neat case, a stylus and a fantastic camera. The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a smooth flat screen which has an enhanced clarity ratio and an astounding resolution of 5.7 inches measured diagonally and horizontally. The Samsung Galaxy M01 also sports a five inch HD+ TFT monitor with a resolution of 1, Liu, and a pixel density of 401 cd/m2. It is powered by a quad-core Intel SIVA processor along with a modestly sized and powerful Samsung SDI camera.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with four connectivity options namely bluetooth, USB, micro USB and OTG. It also comes with advanced Real time Clock and Ringing Caller functions which helps in managing your calls, accessing the internet and checking your e-mails. The advanced connectivity options in the Samsung Galaxy M01 further include Air Gesture functionality, Dual Shot and Multi Shot modes, Eye attraction and Eye movement detection, Video calling and Bluetooth which can be used to connect to the Windows Live Tile, Gmail and other Google services. The OMA cable which is required to transfer media files from the computer to the Samsung Galaxy S is also present in the Samsung Galaxy M01 along with an inbuilt Wi-Fi Direct system.

Apart from these features, the Samsung Galaxy M01 offers a neat and a compact body which is definitely sleeker than any other smartphone available in the market. However, it is equipped with all the usual features present in a smartphone like the Camera, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity options, Wi-Fi and so on. It comes with a unique dual flash light which allows the user to take several pictures with a single touch. It is also endowed with a high performance 3000 mah battery which works for a longer time. The Samsung Galaxy M01 has a stunning six mega pixel resolution camera which makes it very easy to edit the pictures and make them look awesome.

The Samsung galaxy m01 has a complete set of tools including a double headphone jack, micro USB port, USB Type-C port, proximity sensor, voice dialing, screen wipes, vibrate button, speaker phone and a heart rate monitor. This smartphone comes with a unique feature of an extended battery which can be used for various tasks. The extended battery also helps in managing the battery life to give users enough time to perform their desired task. Other notable features of this handset include the presence of a virtual keyboard, facial recognition, customizable widgets and superior sound quality for better audio enjoyment.

As compared to the Samsung galaxy S6, the Samsung galaxy m01 has a bigger memory capacity which gives users ample storage space to store all the desired applications and movies. The Samsung galaxy M01 has a unique video calling facility where a person can chat with his friends via any messenger software like Skype and MSN. With the help of this facility, people can stay connected with each other even while they are traveling. In addition to this, Samsung has also incorporated a powerful speaker phone feature in the Samsung galaxy M01 along with its Dual Rear Camera and a 8 mega pixel camera which makes the device quite capable of taking good videos and photographs. These high end smartphones have been loaded with advanced user friendly features which make them a dream to own.

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